Our offer and Price List

Training of riders (only western riding)

We offer the basic training in horseriding. The course does not include only riding but basics of working with horses from the ground and the natural communication as well.

training in round pen

CZK 400/45 min

western riding elementary course
(10 lessons in round pen + two-hour horseback ride to the countryside)

CZK 4.500

We lead off from the methods of Monty Roberts (the join-up) and Pat Parelli (Parelli Natural Horsemanship).

Horseback rides to the countryside
This offer is for advanced riders who want to ride the horse through the beautiful region of České Středohoří. You can choose from many of interesting routes that vary in its lenght and difficulty. We can also offer rides for beginners where the customer's horse is led by a qualified instructor.

horseback ride to the countryside on the lunge
(led by an instructor, for beginners)

CZK 450/60 min

horseback ride to the countryside
(possible only after the elementary course)

1 hour CZK 450
2 hours CZK 800
3 hours CZK 1.150

Spend your holidays with your horse on our ranch!
We will arrange accommodation for you and your horse with all services, show you the beautiful ranch surroundings and plan a horseback ride for each day according exactly to your visions. We guarantee you a satisfaction among the big fans of western horses and agritourism.

Training of horses (only western riding)

We offer the training of young horses that includes lunging, learning of basic abilities from the ground, the first ride and the training under the saddle.

basic training of young horse (without the stabling)

CZK 4.000

The stabling

We guarantee a high-quality care of your horse. You can choose between the traditional box stabling and the stabling on a pasture. We are ready to stable your horse temporarily when you are just passing through. In that case you can of course sleepover on our ranch – in the tent, the caravan or simply in the hayloft, for free. Also we are able to book you a room nearby our ranch. More information you can find at Horse Stabling.

temporary stabling of your horse

CZK 200/day

box stabling (3 x 3,5 m)
- mucking twice a day,
- feeding twice a day (hay, granules, salt, mineral lick),
- individual corral (3 x 3,6 m),
- using the round pen.

CZK 3400/month

pasture stabling
- it means in the herd of horse,
- feeding twice a day (granules, hay, salt, mineral lick),
- using the round pen.

CZK 2900/month

other stabling services

according to the agreement


Hire of training areas

We hire out our round pen with the diameter of 16 meters. The round pen has the high-quality drainage and its surface is covered by sand. The fence is built up from the galvanized panels.

hire of round pen

100 CZK/hour

hire of equipment

20 CZK/hour

We can also hire out the equipment like leads, whips, bandages, bits, spurs etc. You can try various types of western saddles, too.

Other stabling services

We prepared some additional services at attractive prices for our customers. Choose the best way for you and your horse.

Horse training:

riding of the horse

300,- CZK/         45 minutes

lunging of the horse

250,- CZK/         45 minutes

training of the horse

according to the agreement


Using the pasture together with other horses:

CZK 300/month

Separate pasture for your horse:

CZK 600month

Letting your horse in the separate pasture:


Treatment and cure of your horse:1

according to the agreement

Assistence to a vet:


Assistence with shoeing your horse:2


Grooming and saddling up:

CZK 100/horse/month

Insect repellent:3

CZK 40/horse/month

Taking your horse from the pasture after the preceding arrangement:


Using the round pen:4


1 The veterinary care is not included in the price of horse stabling. It is paid directly to our veterinarian. In the offered services (lines 4 and 5) we provide an assistence with your horse's examination and the following prescribed treatment.
2 The shoeing is not included in the price of horse stabling. It is paid directly to our farrier. We can provide an assistence with your horse's shoeing.
3 We use the insecticide SPOT ON that is regularly applied on the horseback each month.
4 Using of our round pen is free for our customers. The round pen's diameter is 16 meters. There are the quality drain and the sand surface. The fence is built up from the galvanized panels.