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We breed western horses, mainly American Paint Horses, on our ranch. They are raised in natural way, which means that all of our mares and foals live on pasture. They have constant access to water, a mineral lick and a simple wooden shed. It depends only on them how to spend the whole day – grazing grass on pasture or playing with the others.

The main advantage of this type of breeding is its naturalness. Horses can always choose what they want to do! Animals raised this way are generally tough, more resistant, healthier and certainly happier. On the other hand they are really dirtier and slightly bitten but these are horses, even if their owners can have completely different ideas about their darlings.

The shed is a simple rectangular wooden building with the dimension of 4 x 6 meters, with the front side unenclosed. The Driml automatic heated waterers are used to water the horses. Besides the constant grazing our horses get pellets (of brand Agrona a.s.) twice a day. We also give them first-rate meadow hay in the winter or in bad times. The sheds as well as the corrals are kept comletely clean.

Most of our horses are kept on pastures but we still need some boxes for the case of health problems or for our customers who wish their horse stabled in the box. Therefore, we have built new stables and the hayloft in the beginning of 2008. There are 6 boxes, the storeroom, the tack room, the bathroom and the day room in the stables (more information at Horse Stabling).

The father of most of our foals is the stallion Billy Skip Bars, the well-known Reining Champion of the Czech Republic. He has also achieved great results in Halter and Trail.




owner: Radek Líbal

We have one Quarter Horse and four Paint Horse mares at our stable. Below you can find some basic information, mares' pedigrees, their foals' photogallery and links to the current owners of the foals. The owners would be certainly willing to give you some references to us and our stud.

Twinkles Twist (QH)

Registration number: 3455308
Foaling Date: 6.6.1995
Color: Black


Foals: Smiling Twister (26.4.2006), stávající majitelka: Kateřina Trkalová (

Foals: Black Surprise (23.5.2007)

Oreobee (PH)

Registration Number: 263,930
Foaling Date: 19.4.1994
Color: Buckskin/Tobiano


Foals: Oreobee Skip Bar (19.4.2000)

Foals: Jiri Diablo Bar

Foals: Our First Barbee (18.4.2006)

Susies Magic Girl (PH)

Registration Number: 284,297
Foaling Date: 15.7.1994
Color: Brown/Tobiano


Foals: Casper Magic Boy (1.8.2004)

Foals: Pepino San Bar (8.5.2006), owner: Iva Zemanová ( ,

Foals: Poco Dell Susie (27.5.2007)

Central Asian Shepherds guard our ranch 24 hours a day and the horses are under permanent supervision of the qualified keeper. MV Dr. Petr Petráš gives a veterinary care to our animals if needed. The farrier Radek Kubáč and his team take care of our horses' hooves.

We continue in the american horses breeding tradition of ranch Ranč 3V in Třebušín near Litoměřice. Our horses are used mainly for recreational western riding but they are also great for professional sport. You can see our stud at the photographs of our mares' foals or you can ask the current owners of our foals. Of course you can come to us, we would be glad to show you the whole ranch.